Messages from Within

Our bodies have a unique way of communicating to inform us when we are out of alignment with ourselves. It gives us messages through the physical body and our feelings. Sometimes it is a whisper and other times it is shouting at us to tune in and listen. Once we are aware of this communication system and the language of the body we can use it as a guide to make the necessary changes to manifest health and wellbeing.

Free Spirit
Health and Wellbeing

Cause and Effect

We have the innate power within ourselves to reverse symptoms, heal conditions or alleviate pain by acknowledging the body’s messages and taking appropriate action. Shifting our attention from the condition itself to what is the root cause of the issue. The condition being the result, not the original source of the problem. The body is speaking and interacting with you daily, we just need to pay attention!

Inner Knowing

The source of the condition may originate from negative emotions, limiting beliefs, mental, energy, environments or behaviours. Let us observe what is happening in our lives in each of these areas to establish a link. I encourage you to be in stillness and tune into your intuition to establish a clear connection to the heart. To be open to the truth of you and what changes are needed to be in alignment with that truth.

How do I feel?

Acknowledging and accepting of the emotions we are feeling is an important step in the healing process. Having a deep sense of knowing that we will be okay, the universe is on our side and everything happens in divine timing. Observe the negative beliefs, thoughts and behaviours which arise, replacing them with more positive reactions which are in alignment with your higher self.

Flow on Effect

We can release these negative aspects of our lives to leave space for the sacred creation of who we truly are in our essence. Thinking, feeling and being the person we were born to be. To naturally be in a state of health and wellbeing by living in love, joy and peace within and without. Healing not only ourselves but those around us and the planet, as we are a living example of wellbeing.

Create Your Own Blue Zone

There are areas in the world called “Blue Zones” were people live into their 100’s and they all have similar lifestyles, diets, connection to others and stress management. If we know this, why aren’t we following in their footsteps? They not only live longer, they are happier, have less disease and a good quality of life as they age. Sounds too good to be true! I am suggesting we create our own “Blue Zones!” Incorporating their lifestyle and behaviours to increase our own lifespan and quality of life.

Hectic Living

Is it even possible to do this in our fast paced modern world? Maybe that is half the problem! Our fast paced lives we all exist in are in actual fact killing us! We have overcommitted ourselves trying to keep up with the conditioning, consumerism, expectations and financial commitments.

I’m sure there will be an adjustment period but I am up for the challenge! I think this is why we crave to just stop and rest whilst on holidays, we are all worn out and stressed out. I couldn’t think of anything better than building a sustainable home, with an organic veggie patch, creating healthy plant based meals for family and friends to share, being physically active in natural ways, having a purpose in which fulfils your heart’s desire, stress free, happy and being able to get sufficient rest.     

Complimentary Treatment

I believe we need take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing by restoring our faith back into the body working in collaboration with science and medicine. Let us consider lifestyle and/or behaviour modification before treatment or prescription of pharmaceuticals. This will not only benefit the human body but also the planet.


Our current need for scientific proof or evidence based research and using multiple specialists is not working in our favour. Let us look to our elders, learn from our ancestors and reproduce what is working now and has done for thousands of years. Valuable traditions are being lost, ancient rituals and healing ceremonies are seen as voodoo or alternative therapy. When you are faced with your (or someone you love) mortality, you will try anything to stay alive or heal.

A New Earth

Maybe we are too proud to admit we were wrong or misguided, or we f@#ked up! I have kids and I care about their future (and ours) and health of the planet. This is a time for a new way of life on a new earth. We have already incorporated some of the simple “Blue Zone” ways of life and feel much better for it!

Opportunity for Change

As a Health Professional I have worked with many clients who have lost all hope when it comes to regaining their health. They may have been given a negative diagnosis or previous attempts to get healthy have failed. This can result in a loss of faith in their body’s natural ability to heal and believe they are destined to battle on through their lives in a state of pain, illness, disease or suffering.

From personal experience the feeling of walking away from a specialist’s clinic being confronted with “bad news” is one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced in my life! It wasn’t even for me, it was for my husband who has MS, I can’t even imagine how lost he felt! For me it was not the shock of the negative news so much as the feeling of pure hopelessness, despair and fear of the future.

This experience has given me a deeper insight to the relationship of the patient and the health professional. The delivery of such news to a client can be done in a way in which leaves them informed, educated and hopeful for the future. For some hope is all they have left!

Professional Human Beings

As a health professional, family member or friend is it irresponsible or unethical to give people hope? Or is it necessary to instil faith and motivation to make the positive changes to create health? I believe it is our duty to reassure and lead the way to make health a priority for our clients, family and friends in their time of need. Hope is a very powerful and necessary emotion or belief we can encourage to empower and support them! Are we afraid they may be let down or of giving them false hope! I would rather an optimistic opinion about my condition, regardless on how bleak the future may be! After all, no one gets out of here alive, so let go of the outcome. If I had an opportunity to stay a little longer with a better quality of life, I would do whatever it takes!

The Gift of Hope

I have seen clients transform in front of my eyes when I give them the gift of hope and faith in their bodies. Moving from feelings of sheer despair to a spark of excitement of a possible future which involves a healthy body, extended life or a new normal. A shift in perception is all it takes! As our perception creates our reality. When we draw our attention to what is good in our life rather than the negative, we start to feel a sense of hope and gratitude arise. This is the beginning of a shift in our energy, on a new pathway of healing.

Be the Change

In modern medicine we focus on science, evidence, results, statistics, treatments, conditions, side effects, surgery and medication. My view is to work in conjunction with modern medicine and to understand we are also there to assist human beings heal. Humans with feelings, hearts and emotions who are going through a challenging time in their lives. They need to be heard, held, supported, nurtured, encouraged, educated and guided to their true state of wellbeing. Let us use compassion and love to help guide these people back to health. Starting with restoring hope and faith back into their mind and physical body. Using this “bad news” as an opportunity to make a change to thrive. We are in a privileged position to potentially have a positive impact on their current condition. Let us empower people with knowledge, medicine and hope for a healthier future.

Meeting the Sacred Self

Tell me your problems and I will be able to see clearly what the issue is and offer a solution or a different perspective! Easy, done! Why is it we have no issue helping others or think we have all the answers to fix their lives? But find it so difficult to do this very thing for ourselves. Is it too close to home? Are we so deep that we cannot find a way out? Or blinded by conditioning!

Or maybe we think our lives are fine! We have it all sorted! Our life is perfect or that’s what we want to portray to everyone! I think it is just an easier option to look at everyone else instead of ourselves! Well I am suggesting to look within. Every time we talk or think about others, let us focus on our own shit! It will change your life!

Inner work

It can be confronting to look in the mirror and truly see ourselves for who we are and what we have become. Especially when we are faced with a challenge or life isn’t going as we planned. We may not like what we see! Are your brave enough to look within and go deep into the heart? To feel your emotions, see your truth and discover (or rediscover) what your heart truly desires.

It can bring up a range of different feelings and emotions, good and bad but all necessary to move toward living your truth. Having the faith that this guidance is all you need to live a life filled with joy, love and peace.

Seek guidance

If you find it too hard to do this on your own or don’t know how to do it, ask for guidance from the universe. The right people or conversations will arise. You may need help to dig a little deeper, to find that inner child who is craving to come out and play. Write, meditate, speak to a professional, create a vision board or make a list. Whatever resonates with you!

Heart versus head

Warning, this experience can be life changing. You may no longer be able to live a conditioned lie. A realisation of why you are here and how you wish to spend your time whilst here on earth. It can affect all areas of your life: relationships, career, living environment, parenting, health, finances, spiritual and psychological wellbeing. We start to make decisions about our life from the heart rather than from the head.

Challenging circumstance can be life changing for a reason. They tend to back you into a corner to reflect on your life and what it’s all about! Questioning why we are here? What is it all for? This reflection gives you a different perspective on life and gives you the gift of prioritising what is important to you. It highlights your hearts desires which can no longer be ignored.

If not now, then when?

Don’t wait for the health scare or relationship to bust up, choose to look within now and heal your life. Don’t waste another minute, year or decade! The time is NOW! Align with the heart and your life will change for the better becoming the best version of you.

Health: The Confronting Truth

I feel the need to simplify what so many people find so complicated and difficult to achieve, to be healthy! There is an abundance of conflicting advice about how to obtain health, however it is difficult to know what to do or who to trust. Sifting through the advice from professionals and businesses all trying to make a buck from your wellbeing can be confusing.

Sent With Love

What if I give you some simple advice on how to create health and wellbeing for free! All I ask is for you to receive it with an open heart and know it comes from a place of love. If something rings true for you or hits a nerve, don’t be offended! This is usually what you need to address! Listen to what it brings up in you, old conditioning or beliefs which no longer serve you! It may be time to make some changes, which will have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

The Harsh Truth

The truth of the matter is you have an unhealthy lifestyle, it is as simple as that! Your diet is inadequate, you don’t move enough, you’re too busy, stressed, lack connection and probably doing a job you hate! If this resonates with you, disease may have already found you or it may be sending you signs and symptoms that it is on its way. Just know, it is not too late!

You can make a positive change and create the wellbeing you desire. I believe you are in charge of your health, you get to decide what version of yourself you want to manifest. Time to take responsibility for your own body! Time to make a change!

I’ve got the Power!

Have faith in your body and its ability to heal. The power is within you! Not the doctor, specialist, therapist, unsustainable diet, next fitness craze, gimmick, shake, powder, pill or juice! You, yes YOU! Stop looking for someone or something to fix you because only you can do that for yourself. You have all the answers already and deep down you bloody know it!

Looking in the Mirror

I could tell you what works for me but that might not work for you because we have different needs, wants, feelings, bodies, capabilities, psychology and beliefs. There is no one size fits all when it comes to creating wellbeing, it is an individual journey. We need to go within and identify what feels right for us using our inner guidance. If you have no idea where to start, ask yourself how you are feeling? Or see below.

Health Recipe

There are some simple foundations to creating health, this may be a good place to start.

  • Commit: to living the best version of yourself
  • Nourish: eat plants and wholefoods
  • Move: your body, what you enjoy
  • Breathe, meditate, rest
  • Feel your emotions
  • Listen to your body
  • Gratitude
  • Fun
  • Be kind
  • Live simply
  • Spiritual practice
  • Connect with others
  • Self-care
  • Give & receive love

This is the key to open yourself to a world of joy, peace, love and longevity.

The Simple Life is The Good Life

Remember the TV show produced in the 70’s called “The Good Life”? It was about a couple who chose to live a sustainable, simplistic and self-sufficient lifestyle. They got back to basics, growing fruits and vegetables, generating power, livestock, making clothes and selling or bartering surplus crops.

This lifestyle was and still is very attractive to me. Maybe because I grew up on a farm in a similar setting with animals, crops, trees, peace and freedom. Perhaps that is what my heart is yearning for, to return to my roots! A life that seems natural, stress free, simple, away from the hustle and bustle of the modern city civilisation we have been lead to believe that we need to exist in.

When being asked, “How we are going?” We tend to respond with a statement which glorifies how busy we are! Such as: flat out (like a lizard drinking), crazy, chaotic, hectic or worn out. The reality of busyness which we now consider normal is having a negative impact on our health and wellbeing.

We have been conditioned to believe that being busy is a good thing. We must constantly be achieving something, if not we are seen to be lazy! This is a very masculine way of living which is not serving humanity or the planet well.

Bad Stress

When we have a busy stressful lifestyle we place constant negative pressure on our bodies. We activate the sympathetic nervous system due to the release of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) released by the adrenal glands. This is known as the fight or flight response, increasing your heart rate and breathing pumping blood to your muscles which are getting ready for action.

This stress reaction serves us well when we are faced with an emergency but when it happens repeatedly on a daily basis your health is at risk. This response will continue in the body if the situation does not change. Stress weakens the immune system, making you more susceptible to illness, adrenal fatigue and becoming a part of this global health crisis.

Good Stress

However there is such a thing as good stress. Exercise places stress on the body but in a positive way as it responds by getting stronger and boosts our immune system to help fight disease. Positive thoughts, love, kindness and compassion also have a positive impact on our bodies, psychology, the people around us and the planet. When we can live in harmony within ourselves and in unity with others health will prevail. Tuning in, listening and following our heart is the key to create wellbeing.

Simple changes to our current lifestyle

We have made some simple changes internally and externally which have simplified our lives without having to sell up and move to the country. We have decluttered our home, ridding ourselves of material possessions we no longer need or want, leaving us feeling lighter in the mind and body. Scaling down material possessions, less really is more.

We have made our home into a peaceful sanctuary, a place where we want to spend time together doing things we enjoy. We reduce screen time, eliminate alcohol, media and unnecessary commitments, leaving us more time to do what we love. We take time to be creative, grow a veggie patch, eat nourishing food, exercise, meditate, spend time in nature, walk barefoot, slow down, have a work life balance, relax, quality sleep and have fun.

Internal changes have to come from within, delving into the heart to feel what you truly desire. Love yourself and those who are close to you, the beautiful planet we live on and all living beings. Have gratitude for sharing life with loved ones, fresh food and water, a roof over your head and life itself. Be kind, it is free and feels great. We have found a simple life is a happy life!