Create Your Own Blue Zone

There are areas in the world called “Blue Zones” were people live into their 100’s and they all have similar lifestyles, diets, connection to others and stress management. If we know this, why aren’t we following in their footsteps? They not only live longer, they are happier, have less disease and a good quality of life as they age. Sounds too good to be true! I am suggesting we create our own “Blue Zones!” Incorporating their lifestyle and behaviours to increase our own lifespan and quality of life.

Hectic Living

Is it even possible to do this in our fast paced modern world? Maybe that is half the problem! Our fast paced lives we all exist in are in actual fact killing us! We have overcommitted ourselves trying to keep up with the conditioning, consumerism, expectations and financial commitments.

I’m sure there will be an adjustment period but I am up for the challenge! I think this is why we crave to just stop and rest whilst on holidays, we are all worn out and stressed out. I couldn’t think of anything better than building a sustainable home, with an organic veggie patch, creating healthy plant based meals for family and friends to share, being physically active in natural ways, having a purpose in which fulfils your heart’s desire, stress free, happy and being able to get sufficient rest.     

Complimentary Treatment

I believe we need take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing by restoring our faith back into the body working in collaboration with science and medicine. Let us consider lifestyle and/or behaviour modification before treatment or prescription of pharmaceuticals. This will not only benefit the human body but also the planet.


Our current need for scientific proof or evidence based research and using multiple specialists is not working in our favour. Let us look to our elders, learn from our ancestors and reproduce what is working now and has done for thousands of years. Valuable traditions are being lost, ancient rituals and healing ceremonies are seen as voodoo or alternative therapy. When you are faced with your (or someone you love) mortality, you will try anything to stay alive or heal.

A New Earth

Maybe we are too proud to admit we were wrong or misguided, or we f@#ked up! I have kids and I care about their future (and ours) and health of the planet. This is a time for a new way of life on a new earth. We have already incorporated some of the simple “Blue Zone” ways of life and feel much better for it!

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