Health: The Confronting Truth

I feel the need to simplify what so many people find so complicated and difficult to achieve, to be healthy! There is an abundance of conflicting advice about how to obtain health, however it is difficult to know what to do or who to trust. Sifting through the advice from professionals and businesses all trying to make a buck from your wellbeing can be confusing.

Sent With Love

What if I give you some simple advice on how to create health and wellbeing for free! All I ask is for you to receive it with an open heart and know it comes from a place of love. If something rings true for you or hits a nerve, don’t be offended! This is usually what you need to address! Listen to what it brings up in you, old conditioning or beliefs which no longer serve you! It may be time to make some changes, which will have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

The Harsh Truth

The truth of the matter is you have an unhealthy lifestyle, it is as simple as that! Your diet is inadequate, you don’t move enough, you’re too busy, stressed, lack connection and probably doing a job you hate! If this resonates with you, disease may have already found you or it may be sending you signs and symptoms that it is on its way. Just know, it is not too late!

You can make a positive change and create the wellbeing you desire. I believe you are in charge of your health, you get to decide what version of yourself you want to manifest. Time to take responsibility for your own body! Time to make a change!

I’ve got the Power!

Have faith in your body and its ability to heal. The power is within you! Not the doctor, specialist, therapist, unsustainable diet, next fitness craze, gimmick, shake, powder, pill or juice! You, yes YOU! Stop looking for someone or something to fix you because only you can do that for yourself. You have all the answers already and deep down you bloody know it!

Looking in the Mirror

I could tell you what works for me but that might not work for you because we have different needs, wants, feelings, bodies, capabilities, psychology and beliefs. There is no one size fits all when it comes to creating wellbeing, it is an individual journey. We need to go within and identify what feels right for us using our inner guidance. If you have no idea where to start, ask yourself how you are feeling? Or see below.

Health Recipe

There are some simple foundations to creating health, this may be a good place to start.

  • Commit: to living the best version of yourself
  • Nourish: eat plants and wholefoods
  • Move: your body, what you enjoy
  • Breathe, meditate, rest
  • Feel your emotions
  • Listen to your body
  • Gratitude
  • Fun
  • Be kind
  • Live simply
  • Spiritual practice
  • Connect with others
  • Self-care
  • Give & receive love

This is the key to open yourself to a world of joy, peace, love and longevity.