Messages from Within

Our bodies have a unique way of communicating to inform us when we are out of alignment with ourselves. It gives us messages through the physical body and our feelings. Sometimes it is a whisper and other times it is shouting at us to tune in and listen. Once we are aware of this communication system and the language of the body we can use it as a guide to make the necessary changes to manifest health and wellbeing.

Free Spirit
Health and Wellbeing

Cause and Effect

We have the innate power within ourselves to reverse symptoms, heal conditions or alleviate pain by acknowledging the body’s messages and taking appropriate action. Shifting our attention from the condition itself to what is the root cause of the issue. The condition being the result, not the original source of the problem. The body is speaking and interacting with you daily, we just need to pay attention!

Inner Knowing

The source of the condition may originate from negative emotions, limiting beliefs, mental, energy, environments or behaviours. Let us observe what is happening in our lives in each of these areas to establish a link. I encourage you to be in stillness and tune into your intuition to establish a clear connection to the heart. To be open to the truth of you and what changes are needed to be in alignment with that truth.

How do I feel?

Acknowledging and accepting of the emotions we are feeling is an important step in the healing process. Having a deep sense of knowing that we will be okay, the universe is on our side and everything happens in divine timing. Observe the negative beliefs, thoughts and behaviours which arise, replacing them with more positive reactions which are in alignment with your higher self.

Flow on Effect

We can release these negative aspects of our lives to leave space for the sacred creation of who we truly are in our essence. Thinking, feeling and being the person we were born to be. To naturally be in a state of health and wellbeing by living in love, joy and peace within and without. Healing not only ourselves but those around us and the planet, as we are a living example of wellbeing.

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