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Are you tired of dealing with multiple doctors, specialist, medications, treatments & appointments? And you’re still not feeling any better or closer to finding what is going to help you heal!

Are you feeling like a number, you’re not being heard, lost in the system or a guinea pig?

Are you sick of being in pain? Or the negative side effects of medications & treatments which can overshadow the original condition?

Are you facing possible mortality, disability, stress of job loss, financial stress or guilt of not being able to provide for your family?

Do you feel alone, scared, overwhelmed, unsure what to do & where to start? 

I hear you & I feel you! 

We too were once lost in the medical system, feeling helpless & exhausted from all the stress! Over the last 7 years I have completed comprehensive research on how we play a vital role in our own healing journey. Realising there is more than our physical body to consider! How all aspects of a being a human being are interconnected & must be considered when healing. To clean up our life & live in alignment with who we truly are! 

This course is an introduction into health creation, to give you the kick start that you need to know exactly what your next step is! One step at a time. You don’t have to do this alone! You will have a support group to help you move through the course content. It can be done in conjunction with current treatment plans. You can go at your own pace & it’s yours for life! Therefore, you can do it as many times as you want/need! There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

It will give you the tools to turn your life around, empowering you to create a healthy body & life! 

During the course you will learn the 5 pillars of health creation:

  • Physical Healing: Movement practice, nature connection, nourishing fuel & self-love
  • Psychological Healing: Mindful living, meditation, gratitude practice & creating a sense of inner peace 
  • Emotional Healing: Healthy boundaries, forgiveness, inner guidance system & heart connection
  • Spiritual Healing: Beliefs systems, connection to higher self, energy & connection practices
  • Social Connection: sense of belonging, support, simple life, sense of purpose, creativity & flow on effect

Is this course for you? 

  • If you want to lose weight & get fit
  • You have a health condition, want to learn how to be an active participant in your own healing & improve your quality of life
  • If you want to know who you really are!
  • If you have tried & failed to “get healthy” multiple times
  • If you need direction & guidance 
  • Enhance your spiritual connection 

By the end of the course, you will: 

  • Feel & look healthier
  • Understand how to heal your mind, body & soul 
  • Improve your body fat content (weight loss), blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels & heart rate
  • Possible reduction in medications
  • Have a daily practice to keep you connected to yourself, others, nature & source
  • Sense of inner peace, creativity & fun in your life 
  • Mental & emotional wellbeing 

What you get:

  • Course content: 5 Pillars of Health Creation 
  • Video & text content
  • Tasks, journaling & reflections to make positive sustainable changes


All this for only AUD $97 (upfront)

Or 3 x $33 = $99 (payment plan)

30-day money back guarantee 


Link below:

This is great value for money! 

It is time to make a healthy choice & take action! 

To be honest with yourself & make a decision for positive change!  

Remember: HEALTH is wealth!!!

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Kel 💙

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