In both my personal & professional life (Allied Health Professional), I’ve been exposed to our broken western medical/health care system
Discovering it is in fact a disease care system, rather than a space of healing

My instincts & lived experience informed me there was another way!

Healing CAN be a magical journey of self-discovery, empowerment & liberation 

Awareness of our values & lifestyles in western society have resulted in a disconnection to ourselves, each other, mother earth & spirit

(Re)discovering we all have access to our own inner guidance system, natures healing wisdom & assistance from our spirit guides 
Empowering us to heal ourselves, humanity & our beautiful planet 


When we create the conditions for health there is no need to treat disease
Working with the unseen realms & ancient wisdom, prevention, regeneration & rejuvenation of our wellbeing is possible

We all have the power to consciously create a reality where our health span equals our life span

Be an outlier in this society which is programmed for disease

Choose a healthy life filled with joy, love & freedom

I share my healing gifts with others to assist them on their own unique holistic healing journey
This path will look different for everyone depending on the individual needs:

  • Soul alignment & embodiment
  • Empathic sharing/listening
  • Cathartic release 
  • Energy work
  • Breathwork 
  • Shamanic Journey 
  • Reconnection to truth, love & light
  • Intuitive movement

I would be honoured to be your guide, assisting you on your path of self-discovery & transformational healing