Founder of Free Spirit Health & Wellbeing – A company founded on a love & passion to assist others on their healing journey. A combination of traditional & alternative therapies acknowledging the whole person; mind, body & spirit. Holistic healing practices are complimentary to conventional treatments & a key part of integrative healthcare.

Kelly’s career as an accredited clinical Exercise Physiologist & Allied Health Professional has given her valuable insight & experience of the exercise is medicine approach. However, she understands movement is only one aspect of healing & all parts are intimately interconnected.

So Free Spirit was birthed to honour Kelly’s heart’s desire to assist others on their journey of self-discovery & healing. Exploring the physical & metaphysical (psychological, emotional, spiritual & social) aspects, to identify the source of dis-ease rather than focusing on the symptoms. Over time the business has evolved as Kelly does, incorporating her gifts as an intuitive energy healer, Breathwork facilitator, soul embodiment, shamanic journeys, channelling, sound therapy, compassionate inquiry, meditation, yoga instructor, exercise physiology & holistic health mentoring.

Kelly believes that our life experiences are opportunities to explore our inner world, inviting growth & change to align with our true authentic self. We all have the ability to reconnect to our truth, awaken & trust our innate wisdom, the divine universal intelligence to reclaim our healing power. From this empowered conscious space we can: take responsibility for our health & life, gain clarity on situations, identify & eliminate limiting beliefs, make heart-based decisions, acknowledge our multidimensional selves, awareness of interconnectedness to others & planet, dare to be creative, journey of self-discovery, self-love, remembering your soul essence & purpose, nurture healthy relationships, nourish our physical bodies, create inner peace, heal with nature, be open to receive spiritual guidance, raise your vibration, find everyday magic, forgive yourself & others, give & receive unconditional love, be free, be present & light hearted.

Kelly embodies her Free Spirit nature by courageously living in alignment with her heart & soul, she values truth & freedom, desires to be free from the internal & external oppressive forces. She understands that the journey to self-discovery & true freedom can be challenging at times. She is open to sharing her personal experiences on her own healing journey. Kelly chooses to walk a different path in life which empowers her to live a soul led life & fulfill her destiny. Kelly is the essence of a free spirit, a dreamer, visionary, rebel, non-conformist, trailblazer, truth & growth seeker, authentic, heart led & passionate. She is comfortable & at home within herself.

Kelly believes we can free ourselves from the shackles & unite with the divine love which lies in the heart of all of us. Liberating yourself from everything that holds you back. Being a free spirit is an essence, a call that emerges from deep inside.

Is your spirit yearning to be FREE?