I have unknowingly lived most of my life in a light-hearted way which has brought about many good times & people. My quest for fun evolved from adrenaline junkie, traveller & drunkenness resulting in substance abuse throughout my life. I was leading two lives, one as a professional or mum but I was also a party girl who was up for good time!

That was until my life changed forever! Seated in front of a Neurologist we were told my husband was commencing treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. It felt like I had been punched in the guts! Everything changed from that moment onwards! Health was my quest! Not only for my love but for myself, family, friends and my clients.

What has flowed over the last 5 years has been pure magic, as we delve deeper within on this healing journey. Rediscovering ourselves, what we want out of life, creating wellbeing and joy! With a few challenges along the way, but hey that’s life and where the nuggets (lessons) lie!

I am now a woman who is following my heart, exploring who I am and speaking my truth to assist others in their own holistic healing journey. I feel it is time to come out of closet, jump off the cliff and truly be seen for the free spirit that I am. I have a deep knowing that I am here for this soul purpose and the time to come forth is now!

Combining my experience as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, health coaching, yoga, meditation, nourishing the mind, body and soul it is my intension to assist you in creating wellbeing within you. When you do this for yourself it has a flow on effect to others around you and the beautiful planet we live on. I am dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of my client’s and the greater community.

If this resonates with you, I look forward to working together.