Freeing your spiritual self with heart medicine



FREE 90-minute session for the first 5 clients who sign up for the 3-sessions!


This an invitation for you, to go deeper than you have before, on your own healing journey, using Heart Medicine, a sacred mediation & connection between your heart & soul.


In the comfort of your home via private online video conferencing or Free Spirit Headquarters, we go all in 1:1, just you, me & spirit, awakening your heart consciousness to align with your true self.


This is a one to one meditative and narrative journey to connect with the healing power of your heart & soul. We discover the impact our emotions have on our physical health, body & life! Balancing your heart chakra, the powerhouse of the human energy system. Clearing emotional debris to heal your physical body, learning to listen & trust our hearts guidance.


We uncover your sacred truth through the divine power of love.


Through self-examination & conversation you receive clear guidance on your ability to heal yourself & others. Develop your emotional intelligence through awareness & recognition of your triggers, so you can respond rather than react!


Have you always wanted to learn how to receive your inner guidance & connect to your spirit guide? Let me teach you how!


My specific practice is compassionate self-enquiry, embodied, somatic work, ensuring you receive authentic experiences, feeling spirit move through body & senses, providing you with the confidence and confirmation of knowing they are there.


Channelling is a gift from your soul to support you to empower your life to make positive transformations, to heal the hurts of from the past, so that you can trust your heart and intuition – your protector – to cultivate a life that you truly desire to lead.


We focus on 4 key areas:

  1. Compassionate self-enquiry – to reveal our true feelings & experiences
  2. Embodiment practices – to use the unique sensations of our body as a tool to develop awareness, stay present, self-regulate, feel whole, find balance, feel connected, know ourself, love ourself & be empowered
  3. Heart chakra clearing and activation – to open the heart energy centre; using sound healing, movement, colour therapy, meditation, and crystal healing to re-establish harmony within the body-mind system
  4. Verbal Channelling – to receive clear guidance from spirit & guides


You will learn how to develop and nurture your divine connection with spirit as they guide you to fulfil your soul purpose in this lifetime.


The Journey

All the answers you will ever need are found within! Only you & spirit know the truth of who you are, your becoming & your big desires in this lifetime – you will learn to trust this inner magic!

My clients report receiving:

  • ​Clarity on what you really want & how to get it!
  • The confidence to take aligned action
  • A healthy body full of vitality
  • A reconnection to who you really are, your true self!
  • A sense of freedom & aliveness
  • Empowerment to live a life filled with passion & purpose
  • Physical, mental, spiritual & emotional wellbeing
  • Healthy loving relationships with yourself & others
  • Connection to your own inner wisdom & guidance system

Empower your life with Soul and Spirit.  Book now to reserve your place.


What you get

1 x 90 minute private 1 to 1 zoom mentoring session


3 x 90 minute private 1 to 1 zoom mentoring sessions

FREE 90-minute session for the first 5 clients who sign up for the 3-sessions!

FREE 3 x part series Holistic Healing Bootcamp


When & Where



OPTION 1 – Online – via Zoom Online Video Conferencing (virtual)

OPTION 2 – In person at Free Spirit Headquarters in Trigg WA


When:   By appointment – WST (Australia)


BOOKINGS & PAYMENT via links below


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BOOKINGS – IN PERSON:  contact me on or 0417450933 for more details.

90-minute session $180 Schedule Appointment


3 x 90-minute sessions $450 Schedule Appointment

No gender discrimination

Payment plans available on request

Terms & Conditions apply


Holistic Health Creation Online Course

Next online course starts April 2021
Register your spot now, spots are limited!
Holistic health advice to assist you in creating a sustainable healthier version of yourself 💞
Weekday posts/tasks (done at a time that suits you), evening live Zoom sessions with Kelly 😃
This course is for you if:
💙 You want/need to make some healthy changes
💙 You don’t know where to start or what to do
💙 Had several failed attempts at getting “healthy”
💙 Have a health condition & want to do what you can to improve it
💙 Tired of feeling like shit!
💙 Need motivation & accountability
💙 Want to lose a few kilos
Kelly McGregor – Inspiring & empowering people to live their healthiest version of themselves in joy, love & peace 😃💙✌🏼
I am an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (Allied Health Professional) & Holistic Health Coach.
I specialise in assisting people living with health conditions or chronic disease through lifestyle & behaviour modification, reconnection to the self, intuitive healer, self-empowerment, heart connection with a passion to assist others on their healing journey.
Early Bird $247 
Normal price $297
PM for more details

Exercise Physiology & Holistic Health Mentoring Session

Consultation: 1 Hour

Conducted via Telehealth or Home Visit

This session is to gather information to design and implement an individualised lifestyle and exercise plan for a broad range of existing medical conditions, injuries, those who are at risk of developing a condition or restoring optimal health and wellness.

These interventions include health and physical activity education, advice, support and lifestyle modification with a strong focus on achieving behavioural change. As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) I am an allied health professional who has previously worked with a wide variety of pathologies. This has given me a diverse range of knowledge, experience and skills to assist clients with their health goals.

I work with people not on people! Understanding (from personal experience) you may be facing a physical, mental and emotional challenge which can be very confronting. Which at times can leave you feeling lost, hopeless and depressed or even a burden to others. I will provide you with the time, space, empathy you require and give you the guidance needed to get back on track to wellbeing. With holistic healing we delve into our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states to identify where we may be out of alignment with our authentic self. How can we modify our behaviours, lifestyle and mindset to enhance wellbeing.

It is also for those who feel overwhelmed not knowing where to start, need guidance or assistance in designing a clear path to create their own individual plan for health and wellbeing. Identifying and clearing any blockages, making room for positive change.

During the session we will discuss and gather relevant information to design a specific program just for you.  Your exercise and lifestyle program will be explained, demonstrated and ensure you are capable and happy with the plan. The personalised plan will be emailed to you after the session.

1 hour Cost: $120

* Rebates available via Medicare, Private Health Insurance or Department of Veteran Affairs

Healing Messages from Spirit

In these sessions I will guide you into a relaxing meditative state, holding a safe & sacred space for you to connect in to your inner guidance or divine intelligence

Here you will:

  • Receive guidance from your soul & spirit team
  • Discover your healing potential
  • Learn to trust yourself & your body
  • Gain clarity on necessary behaviour change to create health
  • Get clear on your purpose
  • Reconnect to who you really are & what you want!

This is a powerful & transformative process which connects you to your own intuitive spiritual wisdom

Introductory Offer

Online Zoom Sessions

$80 for 40 minutes

or 3 sessions x $70 each = $210

5 spots available


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