Initial Consultation: 1 Hour

Conducted in Padbury Clinic

This session is to gather information to design and implement an individualised lifestyle and exercise plan for a broad range of existing medical conditions, injuries, those who are at risk of developing a condition or restoring optimal health and wellness.

These interventions include health and physical activity education, advice, support and lifestyle modification with a strong focus on achieving behavioural change. As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) I am an allied health professional who has previously worked with a wide variety of pathologies. This has given me a diverse range of knowledge, experience and skills to assist clients with their health goals.

I work with people not on people! Understanding (from personal experience) you may be facing a physical, mental and emotional challenge which can be very confronting. Which at times can leave you feeling lost, hopeless and depressed or even a burden to others. I will provide you with the time, space, empathy you require and give you the guidance needed to get back on track to wellbeing.

It is also for those who feel overwhelmed not knowing where to start, need guidance or assistance in designing a clear path to create their own individual plan for health and wellbeing. Identifying and clearing any blockages, making room for positive change.

During the session we will discuss and gather relevant information to design a specific program just for you.  Your exercise and lifestyle program will be explained, demonstrated and ensure you are capable and happy with the plan. The personalised plan will be emailed to you after the session.

1 hour Cost: $90 (includes GST)


Standard Consultation: 45 minutes

Conducted in Padbury Clinic

During this session I will demonstrate the prescribed exercises and run through the health & wellbeing program. Answering any questions, correcting technique and ensuring the plan is in alignment with you to maximise adherence.

45 min Cost: $70 (includes GST)

* Rebates available via Medicare, Private Health Insurance or Department of Veteran Affairs

Health Coaching Sessions – Online/Phone

Health coaching via Skype or phone to identify areas of your life which may require lifestyle or behaviour modifications to promote wellbeing.

$50 for 30 minutes


Group exercise for seniors: general fitness, balance, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, social interaction, functional ability and meditation. Program will be modified depending on the groups needs and capabilities on the day. No bookings necessary. Tuesday & Friday 9am. Cnr Pointer Drive & Beach Rd Duncraig

$10 per session


These free videos are designed to make health and wellbeing accessible to everyone. Simple changes to create a healthy lifestyle which is right for you and your life.  It is for those who want to be: healthier, pain free, happier, lose weight, get connected, heal or just feel good. If you are feeling overwhelmed or lost with all the conflicting advice on how to get healthy or don’t want strict, unrealistic guidelines to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Then this is for you! Jump on Facebook to check them out!