Online Healing Circle

A safe space to share & heal in community

I am invoking a circle of souls to gather online

The circle is an invitation to discover a deeper way of being together, of common-unity & learning from each other

Healing circles allow us step into a safe & accepting space where we can explore our own healing

With open hearts, we access our own inner guidance to identify where the greatest healing can occur, body, emotions, mind & spirit

With open minds, we work together to remove obstacles to healing, alleviating suffering & deepening our capacity to heal

What to expect: heartfelt sharing, empathic listening, gentle emotional release, meditation, intuitive movement, oracle cards, vocal & sound healing

The circle is a confidential, supportive & non-judgemental space to share, heal & expand your consciousness

We honour your uniqueness & individuality, understanding everyone is equal

Contribution to the collective healing energy of the group & humanity

Bringing people together in the spirit of community, growth & healing

The details:

Cost: $22


Where: Online in the comfort of your home

When: Wednesday

Time: 6pm


Free YourSELF 1:1 Mentoring

12 Week Immersion

A magical healing journey to true freedom

Over the years working in the health industry, I’ve come to realise we’ve lost the connection to self & nature. Recognising through my own self-discovery journey that this disconnection & self-betrayal is the source of dis-ease & discomfort within yourself & your life

Deep down you know something has to change!

If you’re unsure where to start & feeling lost, I would be honoured to be your guide

This transformational 1:1 mentoring pathway, is a magical healing journey towards freedom as we delve into the sacred essence of who you truly are! We find & free your spirit! Giving yourself full permission to be YOU! Now this is true freedom!

I will hold space for you as you awaken your inner healer, so that YOU may heal yourself. You discover how to align with the power of your soul & natures higher wisdom. As a healer & mystic I am a channel for the energy of spirit to flow through me, guiding & empowering you on this healing journey

Throughout our lives we have been led astray, in the opposite direction to our true nature! Causing an inner conflict between your SELF & external influences, resulting in dis-ease

You are at a crossroads! Dis-ease OR healing. Fear OR love. The choice is yours!

You can go your own way

Hold my hand, let me take you there!

Imagine feeling completely free to be the real version of you in each & every moment! Regardless of the situation! Living from the core of your being! Filter & judgement free! Dropping all limitations, conditioning, masks & beliefs that were never yours in the first place! Imagine how freeing that would feel!

  • Your mind is free! Feeling a sense of clarity & inner peace
  • Your thoughts & beliefs are your own, untouched by outside influences
  • Pleasing yourself, instead of others! Guilt free!
  • Relationships with those who amplify your life force
  • Courageously speaking your truth, from your heart with confidence
  • Respecting your body’s inner wisdom & ability to heal itself
  • You feel the fire & passion in your belly ignite, realising your soul purpose
  • To be carefree & light hearted
  • You value your truth & freedom above all else, walking your own unique path fulfilling your desires
  • You feel comfortable & at home in yourself
  • You possess the power to FREE & HEAL yourSELF!

Our life experiences present us with endless opportunities to explore our inner world, inviting growth, expansion & change as we rediscover our true authentic self

We all have the ability to reconnect to our truth, to awaken & trust our innate wisdom & the divine universal intelligence to reclaim our sovereignty. All this journey requires is an open mind & heart, vulnerability, honesty, trust & radical responsibility

This holistic approach explores the physical & metaphysical (psychological, emotional, spiritual & social) aspects of you as a whole being. This allows us to identify the source of disconnection rather than focusing on the physical symptoms

The Journey

  • Meeting YourSELF – responsibility, ego, current reality, unhealthy habits, masks, commitments, physiological responses, safety
  • Power of the Mind – shadows, healthy boundaries, limiting beliefs, visionary, manifestation, inner critic, victimhood, abandonment, values
  • Portal to Your Soul – intuition, releasing negative emotions, light heartedness, energy, emotional intelligence, unconditional self-love, forgiveness, healthy relationships, heart wisdom, compassionate inquiry, identify triggers, reactions vs responses
  • Your Essence – higher self, soul purpose, gifts, remembering, authenticity, soul alignment, passions, meaning, desires, soul tribe, fears
  • Light Body – healing energy, chakras, vibration, divine light, creativity, imagination
  • Wild Self – divine feminine, sacred masculine, try new things, reclaim power, rediscover lost parts of self
  • Magical Moments – being present, surrendering, divine timing, everyday magic & joy
  • Sacred Ancient Wisdom – spiritual guidance, oneness, earth keepers, nature immersion, spirit guides, channelling, spiritual laws & grace

* Subject to change, depending on individual requirements

Is this for you?

Are you ready to:

  • Quit being a people pleaser
  • Change & heal your life
  • Walk your own path in life
  • Find the courage to look in the mirror
  • Free yourself from the shackles
  • Liberate yourself from everything that holds you back
  • To find your wild SELF


Time: 8 x 90 minute sessions

Plus 2 x 1:1 sessions

Where: Margaret River or online via Zoom

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Cost: $1111


Terms & Conditions

All welcome, no discrimination

I believe we can free ourselves from the shackles & unite with that divine essence which lies in the heart of all of us. Liberating yourself from everything that holds you back. Being a free spirit is an essence, a call that emerges from deep inside.

Is your spirit yearning to be FREE?

Bespoke Healing Retreats

Are you in need of an intimate healing retreat?

Where you get to choose who shares the experience with you!

I offer Bespoke Healing Retreats in the magical Margaret River region!

Delivered in your very own home/accommodation & tailored to your needs

I have been called to facilitate these intimate private group retreats to share my gifts & passion to assist others on their healing journey

Here we enter into a sacred space together, to align your physical body with your higher self & all its divine wisdom

I invite you to gather a group together, to share a transformational retreat of self-discovery, nourishment & healing

This is an opportunity to delve deeper & get to the source of your suffering, receive guidance, gain clarity, heal together, creating a sense of peace & joy within

Or to just slow down, replenish your life force energy & receive healing energy

Learn how to:

  • Nourish & heal yourself
  • Clear & restore your energy
  • Calm your mind, feel deep rest & relaxation
  • Connect to mother earth, spirit & your true self
  • Open your heart to self-love
  • Receive intuitive guidance

Together we awaken your heart consciousness, aligning with your true self

This session is a gift to yourself & loved ones!

Empowering you to transform & heal yourself by trusting your heart & intuition to create the life you desire!


  • Half day (2.5 hours) $333
  • Full day (5 hours) $555

Group sizes:

  • Small groups, maximum of 6 people
  • Large groups (6+) & Corporate group sessions available on request

Modalities on offer:

  • Empathic Healing Circle
  • Holistic Health Mentoring
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Nature immersion & hike
  • Intuitive movement & dance
  • Channeling
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Sound Healing
  • Oracle cards

Where: I travel to you in Margaret River & surrounding areas in the South West


  • Half day (2.5 hours) $333
  • Full day (5 hours) $555

*Large groups & corporate groups: price varies due to group size & duration, please contact me for a quote




OR contact me via email or phone 0417450933 for more details

Please bring: Pillow, blanket, yoga mat, water bottle, journal & pen

Terms & Conditions

Holistic Healing Session

Consultation: 1 Hour

Conducted via Telehealth or Home Visit

This session is to gather information to design and implement an individualised lifestyle and exercise plan for a broad range of existing medical conditions, injuries, those who are at risk of developing a condition or restoring optimal health and wellness.

These interventions include health and physical activity education, advice, support and lifestyle modification with a strong focus on achieving behavioural change. As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) I am an allied health professional who has previously worked with a wide variety of pathologies. This has given me a diverse range of knowledge, experience and skills to assist clients with their health goals.

I work with people not on people! Understanding (from personal experience) you may be facing a physical, mental and emotional challenge which can be very confronting. Which at times can leave you feeling lost, hopeless and depressed or even a burden to others. I will provide you with the time, space, empathy you require and give you the guidance needed to get back on track to wellbeing. With holistic healing we delve into our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states to identify where we may be out of alignment with our authentic self. How can we modify our behaviours, lifestyle and mindset to enhance wellbeing.

It is also for those who feel overwhelmed not knowing where to start, need guidance or assistance in designing a clear path to create their own individual plan for health and wellbeing. Identifying and clearing any blockages, making room for positive change.

During the session we will discuss and gather relevant information to design a specific program just for you.  Your exercise and lifestyle program will be explained, demonstrated and ensure you are capable and happy with the plan. The personalised plan will be emailed to you after the session.

60 Minutes

Cost: $111


Our social media & newsletter are created to make holistic healing information accessible to everyone. Allowing you to learn/unlearn & rediscover yourself whilst on your healing journey. If you are interested in holistic wellbeing perspectives, practices & connecting with a likeminded community follow the links below: